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076 Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Veganism & Activism

Highly Sensitive People and Veganism/Activism

Today we’re talking about Highly Sensitive People, or HSPs, and how being highly sensitive relates to being vegan and an activist. We talk about what an HSP is, how to tell if you are one, how to take pride in being an HSP, and lots of self-care tips for the highly sensitive among us.

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075 Activism Depression

Talking about  Activism Depression

The princesses are having a hard time with the Orlando shooting tragedy, as well as other recent tragedies, feeling like it’s all too much. This is a raw, unstructured episode, just us talking about pain and frustration and feeling helpless. […]

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074 Labels & Identity

Episode 074 Labels & Identity

We’re talking about labels again! Today the princesses chat about labels and how they relate to identity: why we use them, why we don’t, and the power of reclaiming them. PLUS, a Cykochik giveaway!!! […]

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I Am A Vegan Veterinary Student

I Am A Vegan Vet Student

I am a 21 year old Scottish student who will soon be graduating with a degree in veterinary bioscience. Last month I made the decision to change my life for the better and go vegan and I wish I’d done it sooner.

I started studying at vet school 4 years ago and from the get go was introduced to some very disturbing information about the agricultural industry and the practices involved in the production of animal products which until the I felt was unavailable to me and that its almost hidden from the public eye. I mean I obviously knew animals died to produce meat but this was often overlooked and rarely brought up in conversation. With companies advertisements often having cute cartoons of happy farm animals, it was hard to imagine that these beings lead such tortured lives. Lecturers were quick to defend the cruel practices I learned about, claiming that pain was only felt for a second before death while trying to make justifications for the industry based on the fact that “welfare in the UK is much higher than other parts of the world”. The only lecturer who would brush on how the animals felt in these situations was the animal welfare lecturer who always had to be very diplomatic and made it seem that she was not allowed to strongly voice her beliefs […]

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073 Media, Empathy and Harambe

Media, Empathy & Harambe

Media is a powerful thing. It can create a new normal for us, or reinforce harmful stereotypes. As consumers, it’s important for us to demand better representation of different cultures, colors, genders and for animals in our mainstream media […]

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I Am A Vegan Cosplayer

Rose I Am A Vegan Cosplayer

Hello everyone! My name is Rose, but many know me as “That Vegan Cosplayer”. Before I get into what being a vegan cosplayer means, I guess I’ll go into a little bit of my background so people can see how the dots were connected throughout my life.

Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I delved into all forms of art. While my main go-to’s are drawing and writing, I also paint, craft and sew. I’ve always aced all art courses taken in K through 12, did art courses on the side (like watercolor courses for five years) and majored in Studio Art at Cal State Long Beach. I was always known as a great artist, along with being very creative throughout my life.

Aside from my artistic nature, I’ve always been known as a compassionate animal lover. My parents and family always noted how good I was with animals ever since I was a child. I stood up for them ever since I was little, even stopping other kids from stepping needlessly on insects. At age 13, my brother and friend showed me video footage from slaughterhouses, and I pretty much instantly went vegetarian. How could I have eaten animals all my life and called myself an animal lover? As I grow older, my knowledge expanded further and further into animal rights […]

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072 Colonization, Classism and Fragmentation: The Issues Plaguing Vegan Debates

Meaty Issues Panel

The princesses recently attended a panel in San Diego focused on debating if we should eat meat or not and were appalled by the level of colonization-minded comments, classism and fragmentation coming from the vegan panelists as much, if not more so, than the pro-meat consumption panelists. To address this, they break down examples of each one, and give resources to where you can get a primer on each one […]

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071 Understanding Tricky Non-Vegan Things: Honey, Palm Oil, Horseback Riding, etc.

Understanding Tricky Non-Vegan Things

There are some tricky items up for debate in the vegan community: palm oil, sugar, honey and horseback riding. The girls talk about why these things may not be considered vegan, along with why wool and silk are not vegan. […]

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