031 Abortion and Veganism

Tackling a tough topic, the girls discuss why they believe in women’s right to choose and how that does or does not conflict with their veganism. General discussion about abortion included as well.

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In light of the recent controversy around the undercover tapes taken by a group calling themselves the Center for Medical Progress, who have accused Planned Parenthood of selling fetal tissue for profit, Nichole and Callie decided it was high time for an episode about abortion, and abortion in relation to veganism.

Vegans are often confronted about their beliefs surrounding abortion – a large percentage of vegans are pro-choice, but are always questioned as to why their belief in a right to life for all animals does not extend to fetuses. On the other hand, as Callie astutely notes in the episode, vegans have another conundrum around this issue: how can we tell people what to do with their bodies, i.e., what to eat, while believing in a woman’s right to choose what happens to hers?

The girls work hard to talk through this delicate topic with care and conviction, and strongly encourage the audience to weigh in with them after listening.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren melts the faces off the Senate over a debate to defund Planned Parenthood:

Fact Check: How Does Planned Parenthood Spend That Government Money? (NPR) – breaks down what government money actually pays for at Planned Parenthood, and clears up a lot of misconstrued facts. This article confirms that the S. 1881 bill that Elizabeth Warren was fighting in the above video was successfully blocked by Senate Democrats, woohoo!

PolitiFact Sheet: 8 things to know about the Planned Parenthood controversy (Politifact.com) – a breakdown of eight facts surrounding the recent Planned Parenthood undercover tapes, including the fact that it’s illegal to sell fetal tissue but it is legal to donate it and to get some money to cover the costs associated with donation.

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  • Hello Ladies
    I was referred to you by Erlinda and Yannik whom I met in Taos at the Earthship internship. As a vegan in diet and life style I’d just like to say that I agree with much if not most of what you say and your position. I agree that a woman’s body is her own and she can make the decision as to when and where she has sex. I do have a difference of opinion as far as the unborn child is concerned. I believe we are standing up for those who
    have no voice like the animals that are daily abused. I also believe that the unborn child can not speak for themselves too and therefore every effort should be made to protect their rights. You did however make me think more closely about the woman’s position and her right and I do believe she should have autonomy over her body. I feel every effort should be made to encourage her to consider the unborn child as well as herself and in the end if she decides to end the possible life in her there should be no shame and no impediment to her decision. I look at it like what are called illegal drugs. You really can’t stop someone from using if they want to so make it as safe for everyone as possible. The same should be applied to abortion. I would only hope as someone who values all life big or small and believes in living in harmony with the world around them that you would also consider how the unborn child would feel about cutting their life short. I would love to have a philosophical discussion with you either by email or phone or the next time I’m in San Diego visiting my daughter or Erlinda and Yannik. My email is zerwecke@gmail.com. Warm regards and keep up the good work of challenging us. Ed

    • Hi Ed! Thank you for listening and for reaching out, we’d love to meet up with you to talk over these complex ideas if you are in town! I’ve added your email to my contacts list :)
      – Nichole

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