041 Underdog Movements and Being Brave

Bernie Sanders may be making waves with the younger generations in our country, but many people are claiming that they won’t vote for him because he can’t win. At what point do you need to be brave and stand up for a movement, even if you think it’s never going to become the majority?

In This Episode

Inspired by the TED Talk video embedded below, Callie wanted to talk about how every movement needs people to be brave enough to step up and join their ranks early on.

Bernie Sanders has been gaining a lot of attention from Millennials and Gen Xers. Despite the fact that many in this age range think Bernie is an outstanding candidate and can find zero fault with him, many have expressed that they think voting for him is foolish and a waste, because he “can’t” win. We think that’s foolish. If everyone who believes in Bernie votes for him and influences those around them to learn about his policies, he might be able to win. And even if he doesn’t, a clear message will have been sent: America is ready for something new.

Whatever your politics, the girls explore this mindset and how it relates to veganism. We’ve heard from many people that they know veganism is the way to go, but feel overwhelmed by the fact that they might be the only one doing it.

So it’s important to be brave. You’re not the only one stepping forward for a movement, you may just be the first. Remember that we all have the ability to influence those around us.

Be the first to dance, or be the first to join the “lone nut.”

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The TED Talk that inspired it all!

[ted id=814]

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