044 Is ALL Identity Fluid?

Caitlyn Jenner emerged into a world seemingly ready to embrace gender fluidity, but Rachel Dolezal experienced only rage regarding her elective racial transformation. Have we evolved to where ALL identity, even racial, is fluid? And how does this impact those who want to wear the vegan label?

In This Episode

Nichole read an article by Camille Gear Rich on CNN.com titled “Rachel Dolezal has the right to be black” and it made her think deeply about identity in the 21st century: what do we have the right to choose for ourselves? Deeply moved by Gear Rich’s straightforward language and her comparison of Caitlyn Jenner to Rachel Dolezal, she found ways that she could relate to identity issues in her own life, and also how this question extends to veganism and whether we really have the right to tell people what they are or are not.

Nichole relates to this in a small but heartfelt way – as someone who identifies deeply as Italian American, but is in reality only 25% Italian, she has experienced a lot of judgement and anxiety around claiming an ethnicity that some would deny her.

If someone wants to identify as female, black, Italian or vegan – who are we, really, to judge? Shouldn’t we instead celebrate that we have evolved to the point where people are able to slip into the labels and skins that feel right for them?

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