056 VWPA’s 1st Anniversary!!!!

Grab some bath bombs and light some candles cause it’s our anniversary, girlllll! VWPA is one year old and we’re celebrating! We answer all your burning questions while drinking whiskey. Buckle-up, buttercup!

In This Episode

We laugh, drink, and answer questions:

  • Who is the little girl in the intro?
  • How/why did you pick the name “Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack”?
  • Why did you start the show?
  • Our vegan stories
  • how do you record? What’s the setup, tech, etc.?
  • Favorite connection made?
  • Funniest moment on the podcast?
  • What have you learned about yourself and each other through the show?
  • Tacos, burritos or pizza?
  • Any stories that foreshadowed your veganism?
  • Big goals or dreams related to your activism or otherwise?
  • Why are you two so funny, why can’t I stop listening?
  • Our favorites, vegan or not, to addictively watch / listen to?


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