062 Labels and the Vegan Hierarchy

Are you a health vegan? An ethical vegan? Are you vegan or plant-based? VWPA talks about the potential power of labels and the danger of the vegan hierarchy.

Labels & The Vegan Hierarchy

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie, inspired by a message from listener Sky, talk about labels and the vegan hierarchy. While the girls have stated in the past that labels can be powerful, they have been sad to see so many in the vegan community use labels as a way of dismissing certain types of vegans or those who are vegetarian or “pregans” (people who are on their way to becoming vegan or are “veg-curious”).

The concept of a vegan hierarchy is very strongly felt the moment you become vegan and start associating with other vegans. This is a toxic and ultimately pointless practice – we need all the vegans we can get and everyone has a journey to go on, so condescending to certain types of vegans is only going to hurt the movement.

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