063 Zero Waste & Veganism with the Zero Waste Guy

Jonathan Levy, the “Zero Waste Guy,” joins the Princesses to talk about zero waste, veganism, and the small steps we can all take towards reducing waste!

Zero Waste with Jonathan Levy

In This Episode

Jonathan Levy, the Zero Waste Guy, talks with Nichole and Callie about his journey into veganism through his zero waste lifestyle. He discusses the similarities between living a zero waste life and a vegan life – the two are closer than you might think!

The trio also chat about the wastefulness of large events, tips for ways you can start reducing your waste, and the hierarchy that exists in both lifestyles.

Zero Waste Guy

Jonathan Levy has a Bachelor of Science, Technology and Operations Management and a certificate in Sustainable Resource Management. He consults with with a variety of companies and organizations on recycling and organics diversion projects, including Republic Services, Los Angeles, Unified School District, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.

Additionally, Jonathan is the Zero Waste Guy, which is a blog that he created to help other everyday folks find ways to reduce their impact on the planet without getting totally overwhelmed. Zero Waste Guy has great, easy tips and tricks on reducing, or refusing, waste, as well as Jonathan’s musings on living a vegan, zero waste life.

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