077 Surprises Suck!

Non-vegan treats, public proposals and birthday parties – sometimes, surprises suck! The princesses discuss surprises as they relate to consent culture and veganism.

Episode 077 Surprises Suck

In This Episode

In the United States, surprises are seen as the ultimate way someone can express their love or affection for someone. But are they really? Surprises, by their very definition, remove the surprisee’s ability to consent. Additionally, because of the culture around surprises, it’s seen as rude, arrogant or even mean to refuse or decline a surprise. If we’re being honest, we can see that most surprises are more about making the surpriser feel good.

Vegans deal with this a lot when family members decide to surprise them with treats or food that’s non-vegan, and then get mad or insulted when their food is declined. We also talk about engagement rings, proposals, and a whole lot more!

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