082 Knowing When to Walk Away

As a companion piece to our recent Having Hard Conversations episode, the princesses discuss knowing when it’s time to walk away from a relationship, be it romantic, friendship, familial, or work-related.

walking away

In This Episode

Callie and Nichole detail the different ways you can know that it may be time to walk away from relationships in your life:

  • When you are in danger
  • When your mental health is affected
  • When you feel like you are forcing it
  • When it takes over your life, there’s no balance
  • When they don’t respect your ethics/boundaries
  • When you bring out the worst in each other (or the relationship makes you less than you are)
  • When you can’t talk to them about things that are important to you

Links and Information



  • Staying Safe Information (WomensLaw.org): great tips on staying safe through all stages of an abusive relationship, from staying to leaving. Tips generally apply to all genders.

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