101 Applying Westworld Themes to Veganism (Spoiler-Free!)

Westworld has the masses talking, and for good reason. Beyond being visually stunning, the show raises a lot of questions about sentience, morality, pain, and many other themes that could easily be applied to veganism. The Princesses explore these themes in today’s spoiler-free episode!

Westworld as it applies to veganism

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie were riveted by HBO’s newest show, Westworld. The show is tense, mysterious, and unsettling. It raises many questions about the morality around creating and exploiting artificial intelligence to satisfy our baser urges; questions which can easily be applied to veganism. The girls keep it spoiler-free for anyone who hasn’t seen the show, so don’t be afraid to listen if you haven’t gotten on the Westworld train yet!

To quote AV Club’s Zack Handlen, Westworld’s premise can be summarized as: asking questions about what makes us human while slowly building towards terrifying chaos.

Among the themes discussed in today’s episode:

  • The idea that humans need an outlet to be vile; that this is part of our nature and should be indulged
  • Why we would rather try to circumvent arguments to immorality rather than give up the immoral behavior altogether
  • Seeing non-humans, and thus their pain and emotions, as “not real”
  • The idea of caring for a being that you know will be slaughtered/abused
  • Do we really “own” the lives we create?

We build copies of ourselves largely so we can be terrible to them without moral consequence.” Zack Handlen, in AV Club recap of episode 1.

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