136 Is it OK to have a Vegan Wedding? (Spoiler Alert: HELLS YES.)

Inspired by an article on Online Read about a bride’s refusal to offer animal products at her wedding after guests threatened to not attend upon finding out it was an all-vegan reception, today we’re talking about vegan weddings and responding to haters.

In This Episode

Fair warning: the girls met a friend for breakfast at a bakery and taped this episode in throws of a sugar and high and then resultant crash. Hilarity and hot-messiness ensued. Proceed at your own risk ;)

Article: This Vegan Bride’s Family Won’t Attend Her Reception Because She Plans On Serving Only Plant-Based Cuisine

The princesses are responding to the anti-vegan comments included in the above article this week. We talk about if it’s ok to have a vegan wedding (answer: YES), tackle the inevitable carnist protests, and give our general thoughts on wedding traditions.

Joke in the Middle
Did you hear about the two satellites that got married?

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  • So sick and tired of people acting like veganism is a two way street. I can’t eat animal products because of my ethics, you can eat vegan for one meal. Omnis need to stop acting like a vegan option at a standard restaurant is akin to them expecting a steak at a vegan or plant-based restaurant.

  • This was amazing! I laughed so hard!
    I went to a family wedding and they asked for a vegan option just for me and no-lie, the steamed veggies had cheese in between them…

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