141 Combat Corporate Bullshit with Genuine Acknowledgment

As a companion episode to last week’s episode, we’re talking about using genuine acknowledgment and drawing on some basic principles from Grateful Leadership to combat all the evils of corporate America that we talked about in the previous episode.

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie talk about fighting the forces of evil…at work…by truly seeing and acknowledging each other. So often, we struggle to feel seen and appreciated at work, and in life, but are taught that these feelings are “unprofessional” or “immature.” But they aren’t! Wanting approval and genuine compliments is a totally human and natural thing to want. Since our soul-sucking jobs won’t give it to us, let’s give it to each other!

Joke in the Middle
From Alexa: What is a pirate’s favorite letter?

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  • Funny, I found your header image in a picture search, and interpreted it to have a completely different meaning :)

    I thought it meant to combat corporate bullshit by genuinely acknowledging it – as in mirroring it back to them in terms they can understand. Of course, there’s Dilbert.

    This interpretation made sense for me, since I don’t work for corporate foamwhippers and never would. Corporations are a legal fiction invented to enslave humanity, “disenfranchise” them from their lives and their personal “response-ability”.

    Stocks were not invented so that you and me could own a little part of some large bank or corporation. It was all about obfuscating ownership and eliminating personal responsibility for the owners.

    There is a super-computer assisted study from a Swiss university, that found, that the 20 major Global banks and all major corporations belong to just 147 families. Within those families, most are just along for the ride. The decisions are usually made by one or two people.

    Legal fiction, commercial (maritime) law rules all of our lives, because we let it. If we don’t make any noise and say “we don’t consent”, they consider it to be consent…

    Fiction = a falsehood, a made-up story etc
    Govern = to regulate, control
    Ment = mind

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