147 VegFestUK 2017 Speech Snippet: Pro-Capitalist Veganism Can’t Succeed in Liberating Animals. Also, Nichole Goes on an Epic Movie Rant about No Reservations

Heyo! Today we wanted to share some information from one section of our London speech with y’all and generally talk about why pro-capitalist veganism will never succeed to free animals from oppression. Also, Nichole gives a legendary rant-recap of No Reservations, one of the worst movies ever made during which she and Callie possibly laugh harder than they ever have before on air.

In This Episode

I, Nichole, am hella tired, so the summary above will have to suffice for show notes today. Here’s a link to the awesome article we reference in this ep: Inhumane Society: Animal Advocacy’s Capitalist Apostle (Huffington Post).


Joke in the Middle
What is Forrest Gump’s password?

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  • After listening to this podcast for about two months, I have never listened to more hate-speech, idiocracy, and pure hedonism. The makers of these podcasts proclaim a gospel of terror. They intertwine politics, atheism and veganism into a web of absolute truth, often insinuating that their own opinions are of a higher moral and intellectual caliber than anyone else.

    Their cynicism, gossiping, and overbearing narcissism should be taken back to where it belongs: high school.

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