155 Hey Girl Hey! How to be a Radical New You in the New Year!

Hey girl! You ready to be a brand new you in the new year! Tune in for some hot tips for setting those rezzies!!!

In This Episode

Obvi we’re not being total sellouts, today we’re giving our top 8 tips for becoming more radicalized in 2018:

  1. Reject all diet talk.
  2. Resist.
  3. Be kind to yourself.
  4. Be mindful in and of your relationships.
  5. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!
  6. Call shit out.
  7. Fight call-out culture.
  8. Embrace nuance.

Joke in the Middle
How does Darth Vader like his toast?

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  • loved this episode, especially toward the end when you were discussing the need for community. So many people are so busy bickering and chastising over dumb things, that we are missing the real problems and avoiding real solutions. Unfortunately, hyper individualism is rampant in our society and we have some instilled sense that we have to do it all alone and I think that often makes people aggressive or overly protective of their thoughts and then they lash out or are constantly calling people out, even for a good cause (like you both mention). What we need to is restore our collective community, our collective consciousness. In capitalism, (our favorite thing) competition is favored, wait DEMANDED, over cooperation that we have become sick as a society and that again breeds individualism and not for the right reasons. Anyway, that piece really resonated with me and its comforting to hear others feel the same way. Solidarity in our community!

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