161 A Rant-isode Spectacular for Our 3 Year Showversary!!!

Going off our usual format, we’re celebrating 3 years of VWPA with a terrible (AWESOME) joke, updates on the upcoming book club, tangents galore, and a slew of ridiculous rants. This episode is the hottest of hot messes.


  • I’m a black female vegetarian (transitioning to vegan) in Huntsville, Alabama. Listening to you two is the highlight of my otherwise boring work day. I came across this podcast almost two months ago, and I’m hooked. I love how your discussions go beyond the superficial and really give listeners something to think about, even calling us to action.

    The vegan lifestyle is not super popular here, but not too shabby on account of a demographic of African American 7th Day Adventist who don’t eat animal products. Although, they still wear it.

    I just want to show my appreciation.

    Keep up the great work!


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