162 #TimesUpAR: Covering the Recent Public Allegations of Abuse and Harassment in the Animal Rights Movement with The Bearded Vegans

This week we pair up with The Bearded Vegans to cover the dumpster fire that is the mainstream Animal Rights movement, as revealed by the recent #TimesUpAR campaign.

In This Episode

In a collaboration with our dear friends Andy and Paul from The Bearded Vegans podcast, we take a deep dive through a timeline of the recent public allegations that have come out against male leaders in the animal rights movement. We then follow it up with a conversation about public apologies by other men in the movement, avoiding ally theater, and how we can all help create a better movement going forward.

UPDATED TO ADD: It has come to our attention that Collectively Free was not credited for the #ARTooWhite actions at the Animal Rights Conference in 2016. We apologize for this oversight, we are huge fans of both that action and that organization!

Public allegations timeline

Jan 14th

Jan 18th

Jan 25th

Jan 26th

Jan 29th

Jan 30th

Jan 31st

Feb 1st

Feb 2nd

Feb 6th

Feb 7th

Feb 8th

    • Christina Wilson comes forward about Nick Cooney, on Facebook – this time the allegations also include sexual harassment
    • Alex Hershaft posts in support of Wayne Pacelle
    • Nathan Runkle (former head of MFA, now just on the board) makes a statement on Jaya’s post

Feb 9th

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