163 Creepy Kids Movie Series, Part 1: Exploring Coraline – a Beautiful, Haunting Allegory for Child Abuse and Neglect

Since Nichole hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Coraline, a gorgeous and creepy AF 3D stop-motion animated film by Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman, we decided to talk about this week, kicking off a short creepy kids’ movie series.

In This Episode

This week we’re talking about Coraline, a dark fantasy horror movie for kids (and adults!). This film is breathtaking in its technical execution, its beauty, and most of all, in its exploration of a dark and difficult topic: abuse. We absolutely fell in love with this movie and recommend it to everyone who loves dark and creepy things.

Content warning: talk of child abuse, neglect, gaslighting, mind control

For fun, we also explore some fan theories about the “secret” meaning of Coraline. Our favorites can be found in this video:

Joke in the middle
How do dinosaurs pay their rent?

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