168 How to Practice Anti-Consumerist Veganism, with Andy Tabar

We sit down with Andy Tabar from The Bearded Vegans and Compassion Co today to talk about what it looks like to be practice anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist veganism.

In This Episode

Andy Tabar, from The Bearded Vegans and Compassion Co, asked us to have a discussion about our anti-capitalist stance on veganism where we say veganism should not be defined by consumption, to talk about what that actually looks like in practice. We had a GREAT conversation, it was so nice to be able to have such an open, back-and-forth dialog with Andy about this important and uncomfortable topic.

We start off with talking again about what capitalism is, why vegans should consider being anti-capitalist, and how a veganism defined by consumption is inherently pro-capitalist and therefore ineffective and oppressive. Then we give tips and guidance around how you can practice veganism in an anti-consumerist way. While some of this is a review of things we’ve covered before, this conversation also covered a lot of new ground and took us on a journey that we think y’all will really enjoy!

Some of our top tips:

  • Stop saying “vote with your dollar” immediately
  • Find ways to connect with your local community
  • Practice anti-capitalist/consumerist activities in your community (ex: Buying Nothing)
  • Support policies like Universal Basic Income that can give relief to those who need it NOW
  • Practice restorative justice in your daily life
  • …and more!

This biggest thing we can do is create a sense of support for all citizens. Capitalism only works when we are ok with some people being treated poorly for arbitrary reasons, so connect, give a shit, be kind, share, support, and empathize.

Joke in the Middle
What do you call an everyday potato? (Thanks to listener Tina for this one!)

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