177 On Bathrooms, Capitalism & Poop – aka, Just Another Tuesday.

This week we were tired from traveling for the show and for work so we talk about a bunch of random shit (haha, get it!?) including bathrooms.

In This Episode

Mm, not even sure how to summarize this one, tbh. Callie has wanted to talk about bathrooms for a while, inspired by the recent Starbucks incident that got national attention where two black men had the police called on them for asking to use the bathroom, using that example of racism to also highlight how absurd it is that bathroom access is not openly provided to citizens. Nichole has to poop a lot, so she was down to add her two cents (get it?! TWO cents!? Like #2, like poop, get it!? Gah, I’m a fucking GENIUS #SelfConfidence #KnowYourStrengths #PunsGIRL). Enjoy!

Joke in the Middle
What is green and sings?

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    The first 3 minutes of podcast 004 are brilliant! I’m reminded of rare sentiments expressed way back in the early ’80s at Berkeley. Way to go Callie and Nichole!
    P.S. I’m starting from the beginning and totally enjoying your fresh perspectives. Thank you!

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