204 Interview with Mark Hawthorne: Activism, the Animal Rights Movement, and the 10th Anniversary Edition of Striking at the Roots!

We are FINALLY interviewing our friend and esteemed vegan author, Mark Hawthorne, about the 10th anniversary edition of his groundbreaking book, Striking at the Roots! Throughout the course of the conversation, we talk about activism, what changes he’s seen in the last ten years in the movement, what to do about hero worship, and much more!

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202 Media We’re Watching: Wicked, Supergirl, The Connors & Elementary

Taking a break from our usual hate-watching, we’re talking about media we are enjoy-watching today! Media that is pushing a liberal agenda, breaking down the walls of privilege, and showing non-traditional relationships.

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200 A Very Random Episode

An episode so random, we didn’t even know it was our 200th! So, whoo for us. We talk about the Trump administration, voting, and then some things that came up in the VWPA Society – namely, guidelines for talking about autism, calling cow’s milk a “secretion,” and lab-grown meat and obligatory carnivore companion animals.

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199 Movie Analysis of Ferdinand: Toxic Masculinity is a Load of BULL! (hehe, get it?!)

This week we talk about Ferdinand, the adorable animated film by Blue Sky Studios that is based on the children’s book The Story of Ferdinand. […]

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197 Activism Series: Episode 4 – Welfarism & Working Within the System vs Without

We finish off Olivia’s questions with a chat about the value of a welfarist approach, and whether we should work within the system or try to make change from the outside. […]

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196 Activism Series: Episode 3 – Pleasure Activism & Answering the Question, “Is Short-Term ‘Harm’ Justified for Long-Term Gains?”

Our series continues this week with an analysis of the true spirit of “pleasure activism,” and whether tactics that might create short-term harm are ever justified if they result in long-term good. […]

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195 Activism Series: Episode 2 – Is Radical Change Possible? (Answering Listener Questions)

We’re back with part 2 of our Activism Series, tackling the first of a few questions submitted by a thought-provoking listener (thanks Olivia!). This week, we discuss if radical change is possible or if we, as activists, should plan on NOT seeing radical change in our lives and keep our day jobs. Do we invest in the radical, or stick to a more certain path? Tune in to find out!

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I’m An African, Atheist, Asexual Vegan

I’m an African, atheist, asexual vegan. These four words usually never go together — atheism and Africa don’t really mix, and most people think being vegan is fundamentally unAfrican. And as far as being asexual, most people think we don’t even really exist.

I came to all of these identities differently, but fundamentally, it’s the same thing that started me down on the path, and that is the fact that I’ve never been one to subscribe to any belief system simply because it’s what I was taught. I’ve always had a hard time with people doing and believing things because it’s “what they were taught”.

I was born in Ghana to Ghanaian parents. Although I didn’t grow up in Ghana, it was always instilled in me that that was where I was from, my “home”. Being African is what led me to reject my Christian upbringing: why should I subscribe to a religion that I believed in simply because it was imposed on my ancestors by colonial powers? Why should I believe in it because my parents imposed it on me, when its tenets do not resonate with me?

Questioning the things I was taught by my parents, educators, friends, and wider society also led me to reject patriarchal norms about how women or “ladies” should act, and who even is a woman. I have nothing but gratitude for the people who paved the way to breaking down and rejecting societally mandated gender norms: gay people who flout ideas about who you should be with and how you should behave in line with your gender, trans* people who reject the sex they were assigned at birth, and non-binary people who have taught me that you don’t have to identify with any gender at all.

I also learned that as a woman, if you have sex, you’re a “slut”, but if you don’t, you’re a “prude”. I learned to reject the idea that my sexuality needs to be expressed in any way besides the one that is true to me, and the one that is true to me is asexuality, meaning I don’t experience sexual attraction. […]

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