046 VWPA Vegan Gift Guide for 2015

Stumped on what to buy the special vegan in your life? Want to give your loved ones vegan gifts they’ll love? Looking for something special to buy yourself? We gotcha covered! The princesses discuss their recommended vegan gifts for 2015! […]

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045 Vegan Holiday Survival Guide!

Are you a newbie vegan who’s heading towards your first holiday back home with your family? Are you a veteran vegan dreading the meat-fest and micro-aggressions? No matter what phase of veganism you are in, Callie and Nichole got you covered in our vegan holiday survival guide! […]

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044 Is ALL Identity Fluid?

Caitlyn Jenner emerged into a world seemingly ready to embrace gender fluidity, but Rachel Dolezal experienced only rage regarding her elective racial reassignment. Have we evolved to where ALL identity, even racial, is fluid? Should it be? And how does this impact those who want to where the vegan label? […]

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