035 Why It’s OK to Tone Police the Vegan Movement

Tone policing, or insisting victims of oppression or violence use specific language to be taken seriously, is NOT ok for any social justice movement…except for the vegan one? The girls explore why they believe this to be true. […]

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034 The Speciesism in Your Veganism

From horseback riding, pet ownership, believing animal testing is necessary – all vegans are still at least a little speciesist. And this isn’t inherently a bad thing, but it can be dangerous if we can’t talk about it. […]

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029 Modern Activism for the Vegan Movement

Judging vegans for not protesting is counter-productive and it overlooks other, new ways of being an activist. We discuss what ways people can be activists other than protesting, why vegan protests don’t seem to be working, and how we can do better.

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