I’m An African, Atheist, Asexual Vegan

I’m an African, atheist, asexual vegan. These four words usually never go together — atheism and Africa don’t really mix, and most people think being vegan is fundamentally unAfrican. And as far as being asexual, most people think we don’t even really exist.

I came to all of these identities differently, but fundamentally, it’s the same thing that started me down on the path, and that is the fact that I’ve never been one to subscribe to any belief system simply because it’s what I was taught. I’ve always had a hard time with people doing and believing things because it’s “what they were taught”.

I was born in Ghana to Ghanaian parents. Although I didn’t grow up in Ghana, it was always instilled in me that that was where I was from, my “home”. Being African is what led me to reject my Christian upbringing: why should I subscribe to a religion that I believed in simply because it was imposed on my ancestors by colonial powers? Why should I believe in it because my parents imposed it on me, when its tenets do not resonate with me?

Questioning the things I was taught by my parents, educators, friends, and wider society also led me to reject patriarchal norms about how women or “ladies” should act, and who even is a woman. I have nothing but gratitude for the people who paved the way to breaking down and rejecting societally mandated gender norms: gay people who flout ideas about who you should be with and how you should behave in line with your gender, trans* people who reject the sex they were assigned at birth, and non-binary people who have taught me that you don’t have to identify with any gender at all.

I also learned that as a woman, if you have sex, you’re a “slut”, but if you don’t, you’re a “prude”. I learned to reject the idea that my sexuality needs to be expressed in any way besides the one that is true to me, and the one that is true to me is asexuality, meaning I don’t experience sexual attraction. […]

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194 Activism Series: Episode 1 – Laying the Groundwork (Defining Activism)

We are THRILLED to kick off an activism-themed series for the fall! Turns out, we have a LOT to say on the topic (shocking, we know). Today is episode one of the series, where we lay the groundwork for rest of the series by digging into our philosophies around activism, resistance, decolonizing, The Matrix, and more!

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#193 Badges Not Welcome Here: On Refusing Service to Law Enforcement, “Blue Lives,” Resistance, Self-Care, and Punching Up

This week we talk about Rocky Coronado’s refusal to serve law enforcement from her food truck in Detroit, and thoughts it raised for us around authority, compliance, cops’ right to kill when feeling threatened, and much more.

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192 All News: Nike’s Kaepernick Ad Campaign, The Kavanaugh Hearings, and The White House “Insider”

Today we’re doing a news-only episode, talking about our thoughts and feelings around the recent Nike campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and the anonymous White House “insider” who posted an opinion piece in the New York Times last week.

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190 Advice Episode! B12 Supplements, Sex-Shaming, Imposter Syndrome, and more!

We’re here for another round of advice! We received amazing questions from our listeners that cover a wide range of topics, including supplementation, activism that avoids triggering others, and being vegan while struggling with social anxiety.

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189 Bad News: We’re Already Living in a Dystopia. AKA Why Corporations are the Fucking WORST, Part, like, 54 or something

Callie stumbled onto some disturbing articles on The Intercept that sent us down the rabbit hole researching the scary shit that giant companies like Amazon and Google are up to. We realized that we’re already living in a dystopian corporatocracy, which we’re sure is no surprise to anyone. Buckle in, it’s pretty grim.

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187 When Victims Attaaaaaack!!! Aka The Dangerous Implications of “Accusation Phobia”

Inspired by a frustrating family dinner conversation, Callie wanted to talk about the dangerous implications of our collective concern for the perpetrator in the era of #MeToo where people wring their hands over “lives being ruined” by accusations for things that “happened a long time ago” or “aren’t that bad” aka what we’re calling Accusation Phobia. Lots of “air quotes” ahead.

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186 Random Thoughts On Dating and Master Chef Junior ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s a weird week for us so we’re talking about a mix of things that are kind of weird together! Nichole has some thoughts on Master Chef Junior, and then our main topic covers some thoughts both the Princesses are having around dating as they approach it from different angles.

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