055 Should We Share Content by People We Despise? The Bearded Vegans Co-host

The Bearded Vegans and Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack

The Princesses team up with The Bearded Vegans to discuss whether we should share good content by bad people. Things are getting beard at VWPA! […]

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VWPA Advice 031: On Being a Young Black Vegan. Guest Post by Aph Ko of Black Vegans Rock

I am sixteen, black and vegan and have been vegan for over a year now, but people still find ways discredit me left and right. The only images of “vegan” are thin, white 20-25 year old yogis, and for some reason because I don’t fit into this stereotype, I am often not taken seriously when I talk about Veganism. I always hear “it’s just a phase” or that by being vegan I’m “acting white”. Not only this, but animal rights groups (ie PETA) constantly make it clear that I’m not welcome in the vegan community. How can I prove to people that being different doesn’t make me illegitimate, and are there even people like me that exist? […]

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054 Understanding Animal Consumption and the Environment

Animal Consumption and the Environment

When speaking of the environmental impact of animal consumption, it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed with the stats and numbers but miss the bigger picture. The girls walk through how to have these conversations without needing to sight specific numbers. […]

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052 Dear White Vegans: Stop It

To kick off the new year, Callie and Nichole talk about veganism’s race problem – tackling this issue as two white people talking to other white people about why this is so harmful to the movement and how to help correct this problem. […]

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051 Happy New Year! Cool Vegans Doing Cool Things in 2015

For our first New Year’s episode, we interviewed the talents behind Our Hen House, Driftwood Magazine, Rise & Resist, and Miyoko’s Kitchen to see what […]

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