069 A Conversation with Carol J Adams

Carol J Adams with her dogs

The princesses talk to badass feminist trail-blazer Carol J Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, about everything feminist, from representations of women in media to transgender issues to the patriarchy of meat consumption. It’s an amazing conversation, one of our all-time favorite episodes!

Content Warning: brief discussions about rape and sexual violence, descriptions of violent imagery in ads and media […]

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I Am A Vegan Pediatric Nurse

Stephanie Fox - Vegan Pediatric Nurse I Am A Vegan Story

Hello my name is Stefanie and I am a Vegan Pediatric Nurse in Southern California. I came across your podcast maybe a month ago. I was looking for something/someone out there that shared the same thoughts and beliefs that I do. I grew up in a family that for the most part I would consider very natural and holistic. The foundation was laid for me from day one. However, the journey I have been has led me to the conclusion that the ideals I grew up with were still very far from the truth.

As time went on and I grew older it became more about convenience so I could continue to live a fast and busy life. In my early to mid 20’s my body started to go through so many changes. I thought it was related to the stress that I was dealing with. I was living a life that I thought I wanted but still wasn’t happy. I remember sitting in my office one day looking around and saying to myself… This is not what I want for my life. I had everything I thought I wanted however, my body was rebelling. I had gained over 100 pounds. I had started to get acne, which was very foreign to me. I had always had great skin. I had started to develop hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and hair was growing in places that I had never had it in before. Like I said earlier, I thought it was all stress related. […]

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068 Fighting Complacency

Fighting Complacency

It’s easy to forget why we’re vegan, why we’re activists, what made us so passionate in the beginning. Everyday life takes over, you get lost in the tasks on your to do list, you’ve been vegan a while and have gotten comfortable. But remembering why this fight is urgent is important; this episode is a reminder of that. […]

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I Am A Nomadic Vegan

I Am A Nomadic Vegan by Wendy Werneth

When I first heard about veganism in May 2014, I had never met a vegan in real life before. I had somehow stumbled upon a telesummit called the Food Revolution Summit, hosted by father-and-son team John and Ocean Robbins. John and Ocean interviewed a number of doctors, dieticians and activists, but the talk that left the biggest impact on me was the one by my teenage girl crush – Alicia Silverstone. […]

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066 Veganism & Anarchy with Which Side Podcast

Veganism and anarchy with Which Side Podcast

Anarchy (Urban Dictionary Definition): Mostly seen nowadays when posers write it on their bags or hands. They never have any idea what it means, and probably have no interest in politics whatsoever. Find out the true meaning of anarchy in today’s conversation with Jeremy and Jordan of Which Side Podcast! […]

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065 Talking to Kids about Veganism with Ruby Roth

Talking to Kids about Veganism with Ruby Roth VWPA

Quick-witted Ruby Roth talks about her new vegan cookbook for kids, The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids, how to talk to your kids about veganism and how to help your kids navigate this non-vegan world. […]

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VWPA Advice 035: How Do I Politely Tell People to Fuck Off When They Challenge My Veg*nism?

I’m a 20 year old college student and I share an apartment with 3 other people. We buy and cook our own food so that’s not the issue, my issue comes in when it comes to comments about my food choices, especially when I’m meal prepping for the week. I typically meal prep on a Monday or Sunday for food to eat throughout the school week. Every single time I’m cooking something or eating something, my roommates feel the need to question me about every little detail of what I’m eating, or sometimes make comments like “that looks disgusting, there’s no meat on your plate!” etc. etc. […]

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064 Christianity, Veganism and Easter

Christianity & Veganism

With Easter just behind us, many vegans have to navigate this carnist holiday with Christian family members who may use their religious beliefs to excuse eating animals. The princesses talk about ways to approach these conversations, particularly if you are Christian yourself […]

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