I’m An African, Atheist, Asexual Vegan

I’m an African, atheist, asexual vegan. These four words usually never go together — atheism and Africa don’t really mix, and most people think being vegan is fundamentally unAfrican. And as far as being asexual, most people think we don’t even really exist.

I came to all of these identities differently, but fundamentally, it’s the same thing that started me down on the path, and that is the fact that I’ve never been one to subscribe to any belief system simply because it’s what I was taught. I’ve always had a hard time with people doing and believing things because it’s “what they were taught”.

I was born in Ghana to Ghanaian parents. Although I didn’t grow up in Ghana, it was always instilled in me that that was where I was from, my “home”. Being African is what led me to reject my Christian upbringing: why should I subscribe to a religion that I believed in simply because it was imposed on my ancestors by colonial powers? Why should I believe in it because my parents imposed it on me, when its tenets do not resonate with me?

Questioning the things I was taught by my parents, educators, friends, and wider society also led me to reject patriarchal norms about how women or “ladies” should act, and who even is a woman. I have nothing but gratitude for the people who paved the way to breaking down and rejecting societally mandated gender norms: gay people who flout ideas about who you should be with and how you should behave in line with your gender, trans* people who reject the sex they were assigned at birth, and non-binary people who have taught me that you don’t have to identify with any gender at all.

I also learned that as a woman, if you have sex, you’re a “slut”, but if you don’t, you’re a “prude”. I learned to reject the idea that my sexuality needs to be expressed in any way besides the one that is true to me, and the one that is true to me is asexuality, meaning I don’t experience sexual attraction. […]

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I’m A Recovering, Vegan Horse Mom

I’ve been vegan for about four years. And it’s been a constantly changing process– while there are those who would dispute the label vegan, I’ve held onto it and my views of animal product consumption during hospital stays with NG tubes “dripping” milk-based Ensure into my stomach. During residential treatment stays where my sheets labeled me as “vegetarian”, because the complexity of feeding 10-20 preteens, teens, and adults with wide varieties of eating disorders ruled out the option of making vegan options available. Because whenever the choice remained, the choice would be vegan.

Mental and physical health professionals were all pretty quick to shake their heads at me, challenge me that there was just no way “vegan” wasn’t another word for disordered food restriction. […]

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I am a Vegan Wanderer

Heya, I’m Calen. To start off, I identify with a few different words: vegan, activist, queer, wanderer, traveler, femme, and writer… to name a few. These words/ideas seem to be the ones that mold my experience so actively.

I’m currently sitting in a café (mostly plant-based, woot woot!) in Las Vegas as I write this. Do I live here? No. Where do I live? To tell you the truth, I don’t know anymore!

Last year, I took a trip across the U.S., bike touring and making my way from Virginia to Hawaii, with almost no money. I say “almost” because as I was leaving for my adventure, my loving mother pulled out her strict “scary” voice and told me that I had no choice but to take the gift card that she was about to give me. I kept it with me to use when I felt like coming back home, but I ended up spending it when I crashed my bike down a hill and wrecked it into a tree. Other than that, I worked for things that I needed, including food and cash for transportation at times. And yes, I ate plant-based and continued my veganism the whole time! Even through the dumpster diving and working for food. […]

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I Am a Vegan Fashion Designer

Hello, fellow Vegan Warriors! My name is Hannah, and I am 28 years old. I live in the UK with my two dogs, Sylvia and Elsie. I have been vegan for two years. Previous to that, I was vegetarian for 14 years. I am sure many of you here had a similar journey. I wanted to stop eating meat for as long as I can remember. My Dad wouldn’t let me become vegetarian as a child as he felt I would lack nutrients (same old story!). I finally managed to convince him when I was 12 years old. I have tried to discover why I was so compassionate towards animals from such a young age, but my parents can’t pinpoint a particular reason. I think it must be a combination of my Dad’s ambition and my Mum’s kindness. It made me a very determined person. Thankfully my Dad is completely supportive of my decisions now! […]

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I Am A Vegan Writer and Dad

I am a vegan writer and dad

First up, the reason I mentioned that I’m a dad is that, from looking around vegan websites (this “I am a Vegan” section included), you might be led to believe that all vegans are female. The reasons behind this phenomenon are probably complex and multi-layered, but, if I were a betting chap, I’d wager it’s something to do with old-fashioned mainstream toxic masculinity, the idea that men aren’t allowed to have empathy, or kindness, or that being uncruel to animals is somehow going to “turn you gay/female/soft”, or some horrible nonsense like that. (Mainstream hetero ideas of manliness really are pretty daft, on the whole. I could easily go into a whole ranting essay about why it makes more biological sense for the gender who has dangly genitals to wear skirts than for the gender who have nice neat tucked away netherbits, but I won’t. Goodness knows anyone who knows me has already heard enough about that particular topic.) Anyway, thought I’d hit that issue on the head straight off the bat: believe it or not, the amount you respect the welfare of other beings doesn’t actually have any relationship to your gender, sexuality, strength, or anything else. Indeed, if anything, you actually have to be a stronger person to choose animal welfare over the lazy ease of conformist corpse-eating! […]

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I Am A Vegan Veterinary Student

I Am A Vegan Vet Student

I am a 21 year old Scottish student who will soon be graduating with a degree in veterinary bioscience. Last month I made the decision to change my life for the better and go vegan and I wish I’d done it sooner.

I started studying at vet school 4 years ago and from the get go was introduced to some very disturbing information about the agricultural industry and the practices involved in the production of animal products which until the I felt was unavailable to me and that its almost hidden from the public eye. I mean I obviously knew animals died to produce meat but this was often overlooked and rarely brought up in conversation. With companies advertisements often having cute cartoons of happy farm animals, it was hard to imagine that these beings lead such tortured lives. Lecturers were quick to defend the cruel practices I learned about, claiming that pain was only felt for a second before death while trying to make justifications for the industry based on the fact that “welfare in the UK is much higher than other parts of the world”. The only lecturer who would brush on how the animals felt in these situations was the animal welfare lecturer who always had to be very diplomatic and made it seem that she was not allowed to strongly voice her beliefs […]

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I Am A Vegan Cosplayer

Rose I Am A Vegan Cosplayer

Hello everyone! My name is Rose, but many know me as “That Vegan Cosplayer”. Before I get into what being a vegan cosplayer means, I guess I’ll go into a little bit of my background so people can see how the dots were connected throughout my life.

Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I delved into all forms of art. While my main go-to’s are drawing and writing, I also paint, craft and sew. I’ve always aced all art courses taken in K through 12, did art courses on the side (like watercolor courses for five years) and majored in Studio Art at Cal State Long Beach. I was always known as a great artist, along with being very creative throughout my life.

Aside from my artistic nature, I’ve always been known as a compassionate animal lover. My parents and family always noted how good I was with animals ever since I was a child. I stood up for them ever since I was little, even stopping other kids from stepping needlessly on insects. At age 13, my brother and friend showed me video footage from slaughterhouses, and I pretty much instantly went vegetarian. How could I have eaten animals all my life and called myself an animal lover? As I grow older, my knowledge expanded further and further into animal rights […]

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I Am A Vegan Bodybuilder

Ally Laine "The Vegan Beast" I am a Vegan Bodybuilder

In 2012 I decided to take part in a fitness model competition at a local expo. To do this I decided I would need two things; a book and ethics. I found Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness by Robert Cheeke. In those pages I found inspiration to GO VEGAN and never look back.

My journey began as an eleven year old child that chose to be a vegetarian since I wanted to be just like my big sister. I spent most of my life as an ethical vegetarian. I refrained from using leather and products tested on animals whenever possible. Admittedly I was not perfect and often I would find horrible products in my possession!

When I was 20 I met the first ever ‘vegan’. I didn’t understand the difference between vegan and vegetarian. And while she attempted to educate me I was not at all ready to take on any new lifestyle. From the ages of 20-29 I lived as a ‘flexitarian’. Sometimes I was a strict vegetarian, other times I would eat some animals. I was all over the show, paying more attention to being a young adult than my ethics. […]

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I Am A Vegan Student

Sarah Lang I am a Vegan Student Submission

…& Soon-to-Be Physical Therapist!

Hello! I’m Sarah, and I will be graduating with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in May. I went vegetarian in November of 2012, and made the transition to veganism in October of 2013. It’s been a long journey, difficult at times and joyful during others. I am still learning new things every single day! Many people think that being vegan as a college student is too difficult or expensive, but I have been able to make it work, and will continue to make it work because of the important place animals, the planet, and my health have in my life now.

When I started college back in 2010, I began to develop an interest in health & fitness. I truly knew nothing about the most effective way to live a healthy life, and totally gained the Freshman 15. I was very discouraged, and finally decided that I needed to take control over my health. This realization led me to watch several documentaries on the healthcare system and the food industry. What I learned was shocking and overwhelming, but I decided to take action instead of sitting back and doing nothing. […]

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