095 Is Truth Brutal Just Because It’s True? A Conversation with Lorelei Plotczyk


Lorelei of Eat Plants, Drink Beer is with the Princesses to talk about her response to an article in Elephant Journal that addressed the impossible conundrum vegans face: we feel obligated to advocate for animals, but are told we are being harsh and awful simply by telling people the truth. What to do? […]

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094 Is a Vegan Diet Actually Cruelty-Free? A Conversation with Lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project

Nichole and Callie with Lauren Ornelas

Often vegans refer to their diet and lifestyle as “compassionate” or “cruelty-free”…but is it really? We sit down with Lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project to discuss the often overlooked ways that food can be produced with cruelty, even when it doesn’t contain animal products […]

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093 Recap of the 2016 People of Color: Animal Rights, Advocacy and Food Justice Conference


The princesses attended the 2016 People of Color: Animal Rights, Advocacy and Food Justice Conference at California State University in Northridge and brought back several highlights from the amazing presentations they saw. […]

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091 Vegan Review of Episode 2 of Netflix’s Easy – Vegan Cinderella

Vegan Review of Easy: Vegan Cinderella

This week the Princesses watched episode 2 of the new Netflix original, Easy. Entitled “Vegan Cinderella” this episode delighted us with it’s realism and overall depiction of relationships between vegans and non-vegans. […]

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089 Is “Vegan-Shaming” the New Fat-Shaming? (Spoiler Alert: NO)

Vegan Shaming and Fat Shaming

After reading an article on this topic, the Princesses were inspired to talk about the concept of “vegan-shaming,” the complexities of wanting people to change at their own pace but also being acutely aware that lives are on the line, and the appropriation of the term fat-shaming […]

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088 Building Community, Anarchy & What We Can Learn from Religion: A Which Side Collabo!

Which Side collaboration graphic

After the Salt Lake City VegFest, the princesses sat down with the boys from Which Side to discuss the need for a welcoming vegan community, tips we can take from organized religions to achieve this, and a whole unrelated tangent about anarchy at the end! […]

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087 Trigger Warnings and Veganism

Trigger warnings

In This Episode

There’s a lot of controversy around the need for trigger warnings and the use of the term “triggered.” The princesses talk about secondary traumatic stress disorder, or STSD, and how to use the word triggered in a way that respects people with PTSD.

CW: Discussion and details of misdemeanor Sexual Assault (Between 33:50 – 41:50) […]

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086 Live Episode: Annoying Questions, Part 2! from Animal Place’s Vegan Republic

Live Episode from Animal Place's Vegan Republic

For our first live episode, we revisited (more) annoying questions vegans get from omnivores in front of an amazing audience at Animal Place’s Vegan Republic! […]

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