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040 Carnist “Fact” vs Vegan “Opinion”

Conversations with carnists are rife with frustrations, perhaps none more so than being told that the facts you are spouting are “opinion,” or having someone’s unsubstantiated opinions being thrown around as fact. The girls discuss some of the most common carnist “facts” and vegan “opinions” and how to respond to them. […]

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039 Compliment Culture and Body Image Issues

Compliments are nice, but our culture of constantly commenting on each other’s appearances can be harmful, especially those with disordered body images. Being, or going, vegan seems to invite comments on our appearance, and even when those comments are complimentary, that can be a lot of pressure, especially for those of us that suffer from body image issues. […]

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038 Meat, Cigarettes and the Apocalypse

Should meat and animal products be treated as cigarettes, in terms of regulations and warnings? The girls think so. Plus a tangent about the apocalypse. […]

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037 What is Humanity?

The discovery of Homo Naledi, a new species human ancestor, who shows signs of burying their dead and using fire challenges the very foundation of what separates man from animal. With this discovery, and everything we know about animals, what does “being human” even mean? […]

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