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226 “It Really Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone!” – Ableism and Anti-Consent in the Workplace

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Team-building activities, ice-breakers, assigning people to tasks they are ill-suited for…the oh-so-many ways jobs strip us of consent under the slimy pretense of pushing us out of our comfort zones…

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224 A Different Take On Identity Politics

A brick wall with graffiti that says: If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes politics.

And unsettling theme is emerging among neoliberals… In striving for more diverse representation, are we starting to prioritize a candidates identity, over their actual policy positions?

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223 The Earth is Not Having a #MeToo Moment and Other Appropriative, Inappropriate or Otherwise Infuriating Bullsh*t

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We answer a listener question today about a sign at an environmental rally that appropriates the #MeToo movement, and also PETA is the worst (natch).

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221 Service Animals

Two golden retrievers lying next to each other.

Listener Julie was kind enough to provide us with research for an episode about service animals: where they come from, how they are trained, what are the alternatives to non-human assistance for disabled folks.

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220 Nichole, Molly and Everett Answer Your Gender Questions

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This week Nichole is joined by guest hosts Molly Woodstock (from the Gender Reveal podcast) and Everett to answer listener submitted questions about gender!

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219 Dissection in the Classroom (Part 2): More Vegan than Vegan

kids in a classroom with raised hands and closed eyes.

In part 2, we finish up our dissection in the classroom discussion by reviewing past and present day legislation around students’ options for alternatives to dissection, what those are alternatives are, and reasons that dissection persists in public education. We also take a long segment in the middle to talk about media we’re watching (Shrill and For The People)!

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218 Dissection in the Classroom (Part 1): A Very Vegan Episode

kids in a classroom with raised hands and closed eyes.

Listener Kirstie kindly donated her time to a research topic that we’ve wanted to cover for ages dissection in educational settings. This is our first topic in a while that’s hella vegan, whoop! Nichole had to run to catch a train to L.A., so we are splitting this into two parts. Today’s episode covers the history of dissection in classes, statistics on animals, information about degree programs and requirements, and students’ reactions to dissection.

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217 Jussie Smollet, Restorative Justice, and Perfect Victims

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In our continued meteoric rise to fame, we were tagged by Max S. Gordon on Twitter regarding an article he wrote about Jussie Smollet and decided to drop everything to talk about it

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