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235 Democratic Debates, Rounds 1 & 2 (Plus More About The Handmaid’s Tale…We Know, We Know.)

Blue background with red blocks and white text that reads Democratic Debates Round 1 & 2 2019

We’re chatting today about the first two rounds of the Democratic debates, and we are talking about episode 7 of season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale because they’ve seriously gone too far.

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234 Pink Cheeks & Parasols: The White-Centricity of Sun Exposure Guidelines

Aerial view of a beautiful beach with sunbathers

We are discussing a fascinating article this week that reveals controversial information about the benefits of sunlight on skin, and how the guidelines we follow are, well, pretty damn racist.

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233 Black Mirror Season 5: Striking Vipers Analysis

Danny and Karl from Black Mirror episode Striking Vipers kissing

We’re back this week talking about the Striking Vipers episode from season 5 of Black Mirror – the episode that has been equally raved about and ripped apart online. We bring our freshly queer eyes and analysis to the episode!

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232 Black Mirror Season 5: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too Analysis

Ashley O from Black Mirror looking suspicious

We’re digging into our feelings around the latest season of Black Mirror, starting with Episode 2 and 3, focusing mostly on Episode 3 titled Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. Oh honey…

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231 Media Analysis: The Handmaid’s Tale (First Three Episodes of Season 3) = The Whitest Worst

A close up of June looking defiant with text that says Hey Bruce Miller! Enough with this Already!

The Handmaid’s Tale is at it again, and by it, we mean White Feminism. Lingering close-ups of June’s snarls have us ranting about all the ways in which this show is an irresponsible tale of fragility and entitlement.

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229 So…Let’s Talk About It.

Teal background with white lettering that says 'Take Down Culture'

No news or jokes this week – we’re talking at a high level about what went down in the VWPA Society this week, and expanding it to a larger conversation around privilege, identity, and take down culture.

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228 Insecure Overachievers: How Jobs Exploit Our Trauma

A neon sign that says Work Harder

Nichole read a Captain Awkward post this week that had her reeling so we’re here to talk about it: how elite professions target “insecure overachievers” because they work hard and blame themselves for everything. Sigh.

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227 The End of the World, Space Stuff… and A Complete Tear-Down of Minority Report

We continue our discussion from last week of space stuff and existential threats that could end humanity, before we rip into the movie Minority Report […]

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226 “It Really Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone!” – Ableism and Anti-Consent in the Workplace

A yellow background with two pencils lying on it

Team-building activities, ice-breakers, assigning people to tasks they are ill-suited for…the oh-so-many ways jobs strip us of consent under the slimy pretense of pushing us out of our comfort zones…

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