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049 Stop Seeking Approval for Your Veganism

Wanting others to enjoy and approve of our vegan food is natural, but the impulse is more harmful than helpful. By asking others to judge your veganism by it’s food, and by how closely that food resembles it’s animal-product analog, you are essentially asking others to approve of your veganism. […]

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VWPA Advice #027: How Do I Get Full!? Guest Post by The Vegan RD Ginny Messina

I’m a new vegan-ish, as I like to call it. Although I have slipped up a few times on the dairy, I have not eaten meat in about three weeks. This is a huge feat for me because I, up until now, have been a MASSIVE meat eater. I’ve been wanting to go vegan for awhile but haven’t had to courage to make the change. Cowspiracy finally put me over the edge and I couldn’t feel better about the decision. Though it’s definitely taking some time to fully come to terms with and adjust to, I am excited for the journey ahead. […]

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047 How Not to be a Dick to Someone with an Eating Disorder

In this diet-obsessed world, it’s difficult navigating an eating disorder or maintaining recovery from one. The girls discuss ways to avoid triggering a loved one, some maybe not as much. […]

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046 VWPA Vegan Gift Guide for 2015

Stumped on what to buy the special vegan in your life? Want to give your loved ones vegan gifts they’ll love? Looking for something special to buy yourself? We gotcha covered! The princesses discuss their recommended vegan gifts for 2015! […]

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