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028 The Power of Personal Choice

If you decide not to attend an event because your family refuses to make it vegan-friendly, you are making a personal choice, but so is your family. This episode explores the never-talked-about power of choice, and how everyone has a choice to make in these situations, not just the vegan. […]

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027 Are You a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Vegan?

Do you interrogate your waitstaff over every tiny ingredient in your food, or do you sometimes eat in ignorance in order to make veganism look more approachable? The girls talk through the ups and downs of “don’t ask, don’t tell” veganism. […]

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025 Stop Torturing Yourself!

Activism requires passion and stamina, but shouldn’t require a sacrifice of all happiness and joy. From constantly watching slaughterhouse footage, to looking at the world through a negative lens, even the most dedicated activist needs a break. […]

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024 Stop Hijacking Events to Promote Your Vegan Agenda!

Animal rights activists using special events and tragedies to further their agenda have drawn the ire of the girls. From campaigning during Pride to hijacking #blacklivesmatter, the vegan community needs to back off from stealing the limelight from other groups. […]

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