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044 Is ALL Identity Fluid?

Caitlyn Jenner emerged into a world seemingly ready to embrace gender fluidity, but Rachel Dolezal experienced only rage regarding her elective racial reassignment. Have we evolved to where ALL identity, even racial, is fluid? Should it be? And how does this impact those who want to where the vegan label? […]

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042 The “War” on Meat and Other Assorted Bullshit

An article in the Chicago Tribune titled “Meat lovers rejoice, you’re winning the war” caused Nichole to want to talk about how people use inflammatory language like “war” to prevent sophisticated conversations about hot topics from happening. […]

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041 Underdog Movements and Being Brave

Bernie Sanders may be making waves with the younger generations in our country, but many people are claiming that they won’t vote for him because he can’t win. At what point do you need to be brave and stand up for a movement, even if you think it’s never going to become the majority? […]

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040 Carnist “Fact” vs Vegan “Opinion”

Conversations with carnists are rife with frustrations, perhaps none more so than being told that the facts you are spouting are “opinion,” or having someone’s unsubstantiated opinions being thrown around as fact. The girls discuss some of the most common carnist “facts” and vegan “opinions” and how to respond to them. […]

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