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132 Boundaries! With Nichole and Guest Host Aja

We’re talking about boundaries again, our favorite subject! Today, guest host Aja fills in for Callie to talk about recognizing when we have weak boundaries, and ways we can strengthen them.

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131 Not All Hate is Created Equal Plus Guest Host Announcement!

Callie had a burning passion in her heart to talk about hate, and how it’s not all created equal: equating anger of the oppressed to that of the opposing view is simply another tool of oppression.

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I am a Vegan Urbanist

My name is Megan, and I am an unapologetic contradiction.

I am a passionate, nature-loving environmentalist and an equally zealous urban explorer. I’m a metropolitan hippie, a rare but emerging breed. I’m also a vegan (I’ve been veg since 2002), for many of the same reasons as I’m a crunchy urbanite: I have compassion for my fellow earthlings and the communities we form, and I am so enamored by our mother, Gaia. […]

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129 Interstellar: White Male Savior U.S. Colonization Space Porn

Our fourth installment of our pro-intersectional media analysis series is Interstellar, a quaint tale of U.S. and human and white cis-male exceptionalism, set in space!

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128 Pro-Intersectional Review of The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 1)

The third installment of our media review series is season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale, a cautionary tale about white feminism that ends up, well, replicating white feminism.

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127 Movie Review: Feminist Analysis of Ex Machina

In episode two of our five-part media review and analysis series, we are talking about Ex Machina: an intriguing and highly watchable sci-fi film that is, just like Wonder Woman last week, a “feminist” tale told from a male perspective.

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125 Tricky Non-Vegan Items, Part 2: Down, Pet Pigs, Carnivorous Pets and Freeganism

It’s the second edition of our popular “Tricky Non-Vegan Items” series! Today we discuss why pet pigs, down, carnivorous pets, and freeganism are not considered strictly vegan.

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124 Restless & Radical: The Future of Veganism?

We talk about the Restless Vegans Manifesto AND Christopher Sebastion’s latest posts on radical veganism this week, examining the ways these works could shape a better future for veganism.

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