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142 Advice! The Ethics of Having Kids, How to Activist, Vegan In-Fighting, and when Politics Endanger Friendships

Today we’re answering questions and giving advice! We cover dealing with differences in politics within a friendship, how to be an activist, the ethics of choosing to have children, and fighting with another vegan who also happens to be your sister on being too “high maintenance.”

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141 Combat Corporate Bullshit with Genuine Acknowledgment

As a companion episode to last week’s episode, we’re talking about using genuine acknowledgment and drawing on some basic principles from Grateful Leadership to combat all the evils of corporate America that we talked about in the previous episode.

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140 Why Corporations are the WORST

I mean, it’s not like we all don’t already know but today we talk about how they operate like (horrible) private governments, dig into the ridiculousness around noncompetes and the like and, of course, go off on SEVERAL related rants.

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138 Public Speaking & Presentation Tips

This week we flex our corporate expertise and talk about…talking! The Princesses give you their best tips and tricks for effective, persuasive, professional and engaging speeches, training sessions and presentations.

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137 Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma in Vegan Activism – with Steven Dawson, LCSW

This week we’re talking to Steven Dawson, LCSW, about burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma within vegan activism and veganism in general. We managed to touch on additional related topics, including how to deal with the guilt of feeling like you’re not doing enough and how to build a better vegan movement through trauma-informed community building.

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136 Is it OK to have a Vegan Wedding? (Spoiler Alert: HELLS YES.)

Inspired by an article on Online Read about a bride’s refusal to offer animal products at her wedding after guests threatened to not attend upon finding out it was an all-vegan reception, today we’re talking about vegan weddings and responding to haters.

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I’m A Recovering, Vegan Horse Mom

I’ve been vegan for about four years. And it’s been a constantly changing process– while there are those who would dispute the label vegan, I’ve held onto it and my views of animal product consumption during hospital stays with NG tubes “dripping” milk-based Ensure into my stomach. During residential treatment stays where my sheets labeled me as “vegetarian”, because the complexity of feeding 10-20 preteens, teens, and adults with wide varieties of eating disorders ruled out the option of making vegan options available. Because whenever the choice remained, the choice would be vegan.

Mental and physical health professionals were all pretty quick to shake their heads at me, challenge me that there was just no way “vegan” wasn’t another word for disordered food restriction. […]

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135 Impostor Syndrome: Getting Real about Feeling Fake

Today we’re being super vulnerable and talking about, gulp…Impostor Syndrome! Something we both suffer from, which means we feel really weird talking about it! So, buckle up and get ready to hear us get real real about feeling like frauds!

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