098 How to Survive Thanksgiving…and Maybe Also Not Celebrate It?

Vegan Thanksgiving and Protest via Non-participation

Since we are heading into holiday season: we briefly recap our top tips for surviving these trying times, then talk about reasons to consider not celebrating Thanksgiving, and finally present some ways you can protest this fucking bullshit capitalist system we live in.

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064 Christianity, Veganism and Easter

Christianity & Veganism

With Easter just behind us, many vegans have to navigate this carnist holiday with Christian family members who may use their religious beliefs to excuse eating animals. The princesses talk about ways to approach these conversations, particularly if you are Christian yourself […]

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VWPA Advice 033: Setting Boundaries in a Vegan Home

How do I set boundaries for maintaining a vegan household? I live on my own and make sure everything in my home is vegan. I have a family member visiting, who is a carnist but extremely supportive and understanding of my veganism. He enjoys vegan food and eats my cooking happily but often brings dairy products and eggs into my home to make for himself […]

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049 Stop Seeking Approval for Your Veganism

Wanting others to enjoy and approve of our vegan food is natural, but the impulse is more harmful than helpful. By asking others to judge your veganism by it’s food, and by how closely that food resembles it’s animal-product analog, you are essentially asking others to approve of your veganism. […]

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048 You’re Killing Your Mother! Vegans Who Don’t Want Kids

Are you someone who doesn’t want kids? Do you get a lot of shit for it? The girls talk about all the weird ways society […]

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045 Vegan Holiday Survival Guide!

Are you a newbie vegan who’s heading towards your first holiday back home with your family? Are you a veteran vegan dreading the meat-fest and micro-aggressions? No matter what phase of veganism you are in, Callie and Nichole got you covered in our vegan holiday survival guide! […]

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