001 The Opposite of Right Is…

Episode One of Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack!

Nichole and Callie take a hard line – discussing the concept that if you are not doing right then you are by default doing wrong.

In this Episode

Nichole and Callie explore the idea that, when considering veganism versus meat-eating, you are either in the right or the wrong. Taking a hard line right out the gate, this episode of VWPA! extrapolates on the idea that veganism is an ethical stance, that it is a conscious effort to not do harm. By eating animal products, a person is hurting the animals, themselves and the environment, whether that is their intention or not.

Also discussed is the concept of “respecting” others’ decision to eat meat, and the difficulties of discussing these topics with carnists without sounding like crazy militant vegans or shutting people down.


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