002 Eat Vegan With Me!

Callie and Nichole discuss a more subtle form of activism: asking people to eat vegan with you!

In this Episode

We have a lot of friends who are involved in protesting and DxE (Direct Action Everywhere) disruptions, which has made us really think about activism and what it means to be an activist. Both of us feel like these forms of activism don’t really apply to us – they feel uncomfortable and counter-intuitive. So, as discuss on this episode, we are starting to look for ways to be subtle activists, doing things that over time can create big change but that in the moment may be gentle or even unnoticed. One way we’ve identified to be an “everyday activist” is by asking, or even demanding, that people eat vegan with you. This can be a blanket requirement for you to break bread with anyone, or it can be funneled down to a one-time request of a trusted loved one. Nichole has found great success with this tactic but Callie has had a harder time with it, and we discuss these ups and downs throughout the episode.
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