005 Veganism Is Bigger Than Food

Callie and Nichole explore the concept that veganism is bigger than replacing foods with vegan foods that taste exactly the same.

In This Episode

We really talk through the frustrations we’re having lately with new vegans or curious omnivores who place a lot of importance on things like, “What do you do about cheese!?” and “This chick’n sandwich doesn’t taste EXACTLY the same as real chicken” now that we are further down the road of our vegan journeys. We have gotten to a place where our eating habits have changed drastically, neither of us consume many “analogs” in terms of faux meat, etc., but also that our commitment to veganism has deepened tremendously and we no longer feel that not eating animal products is a sacrifice. It no longer matters to us if we’re able to exactly replace an animal product, the benefit of not doing harm greatly outweighs the loss of a certain food.

Also discussed: are faux meats helpful or harmful to the movement, the value of eating a meal that nothing had to die for, and that going vegan shouldn’t only happen if you don’t have to change your lifestyle at all (e.g., you’ll only go vegan if you can replace your cheese with vegan cheese that tastes exactly the same, and eat all the same meals that you used to).

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