006 Going Vegan Ain’t Always Easy

Callie and Nichole talk about how going vegan isn’t always easy for everyone, and how veteran vegans need to be more compassionate to those starting out.

In This Episode

Nichole gets pissed at vegans who tell people trying to go vegan that “it’s easy” when they are having trouble. Nichole and Callie talk about how minimizing how hard it can be to make the switch actually hurts the movement. Nichole implores veteran vegans to be more compassionate to those who are curious about the lifestyle – being harsh and dismissive at this critical time can turn someone away from the lifestyle altogether. This is the perfect time to be gentle and helpful!

At the end of the episode (as well as throughout), Nichole and Callie offer several suggestions for things that people can do if they are trying to vegan to make it easier. These suggestions are for any listeners who may be experimenting with a plant-based diet, but they are also good to have in your hat if you are a veteran vegan talking to someone who is just starting out or thinking about going vegan.

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