007 When Vegans Attack! …Other Vegans???

Nichole and Callie pop-off about DxE and their stance that being vegan is not enough.

In This Episode

Direct Action Everywhere, or DxE, has been ramping up their campaign of “being vegan is not enough” and it’s pissing us the fuck off. Nichole and Callie outline who DxE is and what they stand for, and then explain why their stance is so harmful to the vegan movement and so insulting to vegans everywhere. Also mentioned: norms and breeders! The different factions of veganism need to stop labeling each other, stop in-fighting and find a way to unify. Veganism has reached 2.5% in the United States, which means nearly 8 million people. If we could drop the judgment, band together for specific actions, and establish a sense of community, we would be unstoppable.
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