012 Get Your Hands Off My V-Card!

Callie and Nichole discuss V-Cards! Umm that’s Vegan card… what were you thinking?

In This Episode

Callie and Nichole discuss the concept of taking someone’s vegan card. Is it ever ok or appropriate? At what point do you get to tell someone they are not a true vegan. There seem to be a lot of vegans that are trying to police others… What does this accomplish? Why do some feel the need to treat veganism as an exclusive club? If someone is truly trying to be vegan and live a more compassionate life, why would we want to beat them down just because they aren’t perfect.

Veganism, just like other self labels, can become a big part of a person’s identity… shouldn’t we try to embrace others instead of trying to telling them who they are (or who they aren’t)?


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