013 What Does A Vegan Even Look Like?!

A frank and vulnerable look at our experiences with body image issues around not “looking” like a vegan.

In This Episode

Tackling a very personal issue, Nichole and Callie talk about how the popular media stereotype of what a vegan is supposed to look like has impacted their own vegan identities, holding them back from truly stepping into the roles of public vegan figures.

Vegans love to push health and eternal youth as a selling point to veganism, but at what cost? When we start to idolize and promote only vegans that are thin and young-looking and seemingly in perfect health, we ostracize and shame a huge portion of our community.

Having struggled their whole lives with eating disorders and body image issues, Nichole and Callie have been heavily impacted by the idea that to be taken seriously as a member of the vegan community, you have to fit a certain physical description. They explore this topic honestly, with a plea to the community to maybe consider those of us who are outside of this standard but have passion and a voice that we want to use to help animals and the movement.

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