014 Why Nichole Hates PETA

***Trigger warnings for talk about rape culture, domestic abuse and animal slaughter***
Nichole takes on PETA, explaining the ugly and often unknown things the organization does to promote veganism and their twisted view on animals’ right to life.

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie start a couple new segments, and then take on the always controversial topic of PETA, and why they are a terrible organization. PETA is often loved or hated, but neither side seems to know much about them. Their critics mostly complain about their sexist ads, which is a problem, and their fans tend to say that they don’t care that PETA exploits sexism, as long as it’ll save some animals. In my research to back up why I disagree with supporting PETA in any way, I was shocked to turn up a lot worse information than I had known before I started (see research links below). Not only does PETA have ads, campaigns and actions that are incredibly sexist, body-shaming, promotive of domestic violence and rape culture, and exploitative of marginalized groups, but they also kill animals in the thousands every year. Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s founder, is very clear in her public statements that PETA does not advocate animals’ right to life. PETA believes animals should not suffer or be used for human entertainment/amusement. This translates to them killing almost every animal that enters their shelter, most within 24 hours, and many perfectly adoptable and in good health, despite their “shelter of last resort” branding. Their ads run from offensive to downright disturbing. As you’ll see below, they often mix sexualized images with violent ones, and the bodies looking sexy while receiving violence are always ones belonging to women. They openly shame the overweight and obese, and have even gone so far as using the KKK to create a campaign against the American Kennel Club.

Links and Info

News Links Vegan Warrior Princess of The Week
VWPA nominated The Daily Show as the Honorary Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week for their recent interview with Gene Bauer of Farm Sanctuary (below) and their recent expose on California’s water usage being mostly for feed for animal agriculture.
PETA Research
I’m not going to link to every single thing I reviewed in preparation for the show, but the below hit all the major points I addressed. If you are interested in further information, a Google search will turn up plenty but you can also email us through the Contact Page. Ads that promote body shaming, sexism, rape culture/domestic abuse:   PETA’s “My Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me” ad:
PETA resources regarding pets: Articles about PETA’s kill rates and practices: Other resources
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