015 What Do We Owe Vegan Businesses?

What do we owe vegan businesses? Should vegans only eat at vegan restaurants? Are we allowed to write bad reviews or give negative feedback? The ladies explore these questions and more!

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie talk about the idea that as vegans, we should only eat at vegan restaurants or patronize vegan businesses; and that we’re not allowed to say anything bad about them. Another discussion inspired by crazy Facebook threads, Nichole and Callie take on the vegan police who claim that vegans should not patronize any establishment that isn’t vegan. Despite the fact that that would be impossible for most people, this would also keep veganism on the fringe, weird and inaccessible. Going to non-vegan places creates a demand for vegan products in the mainstream. It gets veganism out in the open, makes it more “normal” and takes us out of the shadows. Nichole and Callie both believe that vegan businesses are still businesses. If they provide horrible service, or treat their customers disrespectfully, they should get bad reviews like any other businesses. The girls do concede that it’s good practice to give any small business direct feedback and/or a second chance before committing to a public negative review, but that vegan businesses should not be exempt from the same standards as any other.

Links and Info

News Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week
VWPA nominated Rob Greenfield of Food Waste Fiasco as the Honorary Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week for his work on food waste. Rob gave a presentation at the Earth Day festival in Balboa park in San Diego.

All this food came from one dumpster in San Diego!

He goes dumpster diving and displays the food for everyone to see how much food is needlessly thrown out in the U.S. while people go hungry. He’s got a great message, we’re hoping to interview him soon for an environmental episode!
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