017 STFU About My Gluten Intolerance!

Nichole is sick and tired of other vegans being shitty about gluten. She pops-off about the attitude in the community that it’s ok to judge others’ personal experiences if “research” doesn’t back them up.

In This Episode

Gluten is a controversial topic, one bound to stir up rude comments and rolled eyes. Nichole has had to go gluten-free, much to her pasta-loving Italian heart’s despair, and has been shocked by how brutally mean and judgmental other vegans can be about it. She and Callie discuss gluten, what some new research has suggested is the cause of people’s intolerances to it, and more importantly, how even when research shows that something isn’t the way people think, you can’t offhandedly dismiss a mountain of anecdotal evidence. Also discussed are long-term, chronic illnesses, and how disheartening it can be to struggle with one and also have to deal with other’s opinions about what may or may not be causing them, and that we need to find compassion for each other and not attack each other for simply trying to find an answer to our health issues.

Links and Info

News Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week
Nichole nominated the Oakland Veg Fest and it’s organizer, Katie Cantrell, as the Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week because of their focus on multicultural representation in this year’s festivities. Oakland Veg Fest has been going for four strong years now, and this year they decided to make sure that other cultures, particularly those in the African-American community, were showcased to highlight that veganism is not solely comprised of white people, but is a movement of gorgeous and wide-reaching diversity. People of color and non-heteronormative sexuality are frequently under-represented at vegan events and in the media, so we think it kicks ass that Oakland Veg Fest made an attempt to right this imbalance. Events featured a hip-hop show, and presentations by prominent African-American health and food experts, as well as a Vegan Soul Sunday kick-off event. We hope to see other vegan events follow suit!
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    • Heyo I recently went gluten free in addition to vegan so I feel your pain girl! I’ve had a lot of the same feedback of people telling me I’m crazy. I found your podcast by searching ‘vegan gluten free’ lol so thanks for this episode! Maybe check out the cookbook YumUniverse it’s all gluten free vegan recipes. I just ordered it and I’m really excited to find a cookbook full of recipes for this specific diet. Maybe I’ll comment again once I actually get the book and cook some stuff hahaha. Love your podcast! Just subscribed!

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