018 To Be or Not To Be…Consistent

Do you always respond the same way in certain situations? Do you ever find yourself being inconsistent in your vegan message?

In This Episode

Moved by current events, Callie broaches the topic of consistency – is ok to sometimes waver in your vegan message? The girls discuss having different limits for what they will and will not eat, how they respond to carnist questions or situations, and then Nichole goes on a crazy rant about racism!

Links and Info

News Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week
Is the Less Meat More Plants Coalition of plant-based companies that are lobbying against the meat lobby in the first news story above to keep the government from basing federal dietary guidelines around influences from the meat and dairy industries. This coalition is comprised of over 20 companies, Daiya and Tofurkey included, who are raising their voice to show the government that plant-based alternatives are an up and coming segment of the market that can no longer be ignored. The Less Meat More Plants coalition’s comments were submitted by Michele Simon of Eat Drink Politics. Michele is a public health lawyer who works to fight harmful corporate tactics and influence for the good of public health.
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