023 Stop Pushing My Boundaries!

The girls explore the concept that veganism is a boundary that we set for ourselves, and that all the people who try to bully us into feeling ashamed for being different are just a buncha boundary-pushing jerks! We talk about how to counter-act boundary pushers, and how to support each other in setting boundaries for all things in our lives. (We’re sorry this episode was late, we had some technical issues this week that took a few days to figure out. We’ll be testing out posting on Tuesday mornings instead of Sunday night, but we will continue to post regularly every week!)

In This Episode

Our culture in America raises us from birth to think our bodies are not our own, and that the effect of our choices on others is more important than making decisions that are best for ourselves. We see this is simple everyday ways, from telling small children that they have to hug people they don’t want to, to our friends browbeating us for not wanting to dance or drink or go to a party. We pressure each other all the time, trying to force everyone to always do the same thing for the sake of the crowd, whether or not it’s actually the best thing for the individual. Veganism turns all of this on its head. Veganism is a boundary that we set for the world, saying that we are stepping away from the system of carnism and that we will not allow certain foods into our bodies. We see the consequences in this every time someone tells us to “just cheat this once” or every time we are pointed out and bullied for daring to do something good for ourselves while refusing to participate in the culturally accepted practice of eating animals.

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