026 Is Veganism an Eating Disorder?

Is veganism an eating disorder? Does veganism cause eating disorders? The girls tackle this hot topic and discuss their own experiences with eating disorders and veganism.

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Nichole and Callie take on the tough and touchy topic of eating disorders as they relate to veganism, specifically tackling ex-vegans who claim veganism caused them to develop eating disorders or allowed them to conceal eating disorders.

Eating disorders are nasty, tricky beasts and they twist things around until everything seems warped. Nichole and Callie have battled eating disorders nearly their entire lives and have overwhelming compassion for others who are involved in the same battle. But they take issue with ex-vegans who blame veganism for causing eating disorders when the truth is usually that the veganism provided a convenient cover for disordered patterns that were already there.

“One True Way” plant-based diets can definitely create or trigger disordered eating, which is where the confusion usually comes in. Veganism does not cause eating disorders, but plant-based diets can, just like any other type of diet.

Veganism does not tell you what to eat or how to eat, only what not to eat: animal products. It is not a lifestyle of restriction except for when it becomes distilled down to diet. This is one time when the distinction between “vegan” and “plant-based” is critical.

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Mentioned In the Episode

  • Why I No Longer Follow Freelee the Banana Girl (& Orthorexia)
    by Strawberry Mice (YouTube) Trigger warning for discussion of weight, weight loss and disordered eating patterns.

    I liked this video by Strawberry Mice about how she developed orthorexia from following Freelee the Banana Girl and the 80-10-10 plan. She discusses this intelligent and without blame. A great viewpoint to add to the topic.

  • West Coast Ecofeminist Conference in L.A. July 24-26
    We are attending this conference and encourage you to attend too if you are in the L.A. area and are interested. It sounds inspiring and eye-opening.

    The about page of the conference opens with “The Earth and her animals are under a full-scale assault. We are facing the sixth mass extinction of species, violence rages across the planet and the climate change crisis is now having a horrific impact on the lives of millions and all created by a patriarchal system of exploitation and oppression.” Bam! *mic drop*

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