028 The Power of Personal Choice

If you decide not to attend an event because your family refuses to make it vegan-friendly, you are making a personal choice, but so is your family. This episode explores the never-talked-about power of choice, and how everyone has a choice to make in these situations, not just the vegan.

In This Episode

Callie proposes an excellent topic: the power of choice. Too often, our decisions are blamed as us making a choice, when really the people around us are often the ones choosing first and we are just responding to their actions. Everyone has the power to do what they think is best, but there should be more awareness around the fact that omnivores are making choices to exclude their vegan loved ones. Just because being an omnivore is the default, doesn’t mean it’s a “non-action” to not provide a safe and accepting environment for the vegans in their lives. Boundaries and consent culture come up again in this episode, as well as the concept that people should support each other through any and all life choices or differences. Ostracizing someone for being vegan is not ok just because it’s choosing the unpopular path. We should feel safe with our people, and if they don’t make us feel safe, we have the choice to remove ourselves from their company.

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