030 A Chat About Feminism

The girls discuss feminism after going to a feminist conference that was…not so great. What does feminism look like, what does it mean, and is it still enough?

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Nichole and Callie went to a EcoFeminist conference last weekend and were sorely disappointed to find it full of patriarchy. It got them thinking about what feminism even means anymore, and if it’s still enough. Do we need a new word, or a new definition? How do we approach feminism in a way that’s inclusive of all the groups that suffer from patriarchy, without alienating men and people that don’t fall on the binary gender spectrum?

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Feminist Research

Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week!
Kat Von D is our Vegan Warrior Princess of the Week for using her fame and social media platforms to advocate for veganism after the whole Cecil the Lion debacle this last week. She took a LOT of flack for it from fans but she didn’t back down.

You can read my probably too strongly worded comment on this carnist blog post that eviscerates Kat Von D for pointing out that everyone who eats meat really shouldn’t be up in arms about the murder of one lion, and how it’s hypocrisy to call yourself an animal lover if you think it’s ok and good to eat animals.

Feel free to add your own comment but remember to act like an honorable warrior princess 😉

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