032 Etiquette For Interacting with Vegans

A lighthearted episode, the girls list out things to avoid doing when interacting with vegans, from asking what they eat to introducing them as “The Vegan.”

In This Episode

Nichole and Callie share several laughs while talking about all the things that omnivores do to vegans that is rude or irksome. Meant to be taken lightly, the girls give advice to omnivores on how to properly interact with vegans in order to avoid these faux pas. Topics include telling vegans all about the pot roast you had last night, loudly announcing them as vegan at restaurants, and telling them about how you used to be vegan but aren’t anymore because of X.

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News Special Shout-out
We wanted to say a special congratulations to our friend Lacy Davis of the Super Strength Health blog and Rise and Resist podcast who got married this week. We love you Lacy and all that you do, we’re so happy for your union to your amazing partner!!! Related Articles

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