035 Why It’s OK to Tone Police the Vegan Movement

Tone policing, or insisting victims of oppression or violence use specific language to be taken seriously, is NOT ok for any social justice movement…except for the vegan one? The girls explore why they believe this to be true.

In This Episode

Callie realized, after having a debate online about Black Lives Matter, that while she’s firmly against tone policing in the social justice movements for humans, she’s for it for the vegan movement. We have to be careful about our approach to try to spread veganism, being abrasive or harsh is not the way to go. We do embrace all different avenues for activism, but disagree with methods that promote being aggressive or hostile to carnists. Nichole noted that the vegan movement is different from other social justice movements because the victims are unable to speak for themselves, so vegans are advocates instead of victims. It makes the entire approach different, because we have the responsibility of making people listen, since the victims, animals, cannot.

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